Jameis Winston knows pressure is coming, and accepts the challenge

Quarterback Jameis Winston saw on Saturday a glimpse of what opposing defenses will likely throw his way in 2015. The Cleveland Browns sent different blitzes from multiple directions. While it caused Winston to struggle a bit, Joe Kania of Buccaneers.com reports that Winston accepts the challenge of pressure being thrown his way.

"It's kind of a common thing when you have a rookie quarterback, you are going to see a lot of pressure," Winston told Buccaneers.com. "I definitely accept that challenge. Definitely the guys are with me too. When you look back on that film, we look at it as hey man, we saw what we are going to see during the season. That was definitely helping us out."

He makes a great point about seeing it more during the season, and it's likely that his focus will be on learning from the tape and preparing for what he may see in Week 1 against the Tennessee Titans.

(h/t Buccaneers.com)