Jake Matthews feels good, hopes to go against Titans' best players

Jake Matthews is a happy camper right now. According to Vaughn McClure of ESPN, Matthews is not only feeling good, but he's hoping to get the chance to go up against the best players on the Tennessee Titans on Friday.

"It's been feeling good," Matthews said. "I haven't missed a day. I haven't missed any reps. I think everyone is sore. It's training camp. But it's doing well. It's bouncing back every day. I'm feeling good."

"I would love to go out there and play against their best players," Matthews said. "At the same time, it's the NFL. Everyone's good. I learned that real quickly last year. Everyone is going to be very talented. How many 'ever series I get [Friday], I'm just going to go out there and do my job."

Obviously, hearing that Matthews is feeling good and hasn't missed a day is the best news possible. After undergoing surgery in January to repair a Lisfranc ligament tear, no one really knew what to expect when Matthews returned. With Matthews back in action and seeming to be close to 100 percent, the Falcons are hoping to start 2015 off with a bang.

(h/t ESPN)

Photo Credit: Dale Zanine