Jaguars open 3-day camp amid blaring music, new coach Gus Bradley's way of elevating practice

New coach Gus Bradley's first practice with the Jacksonville Jaguars came amid music: some rock, some rap and even a few pop songs blaring from sideline speakers.

It set the tempo — literally.

The high-paced, two-hour practice Tuesday kicked off a three-day voluntary minicamp for veterans. The Jaguars barely took a break during the session, which was designed to give new coaches some extra work with their teams before next week's NFL draft.

But the thing that stood out, especially to the 77 players on the field, was the score.

Bradley says he believes music "elevates everybody's performance."

He says he's "doing everything we can to get practice at the highest level. And if that means play some music at the same time, we're going to do that."