IMG Academy is rich: Roll-their-own-sushi-for-the-press-box-while-Michigan-practices-in-their-stadium rich.

Press box food is usually hot garbage, and at most high school venues, a press meal means grabbing five bucks and visiting the dude in the corner of the end zone with the grill and cooler.

But IMG Academy in Bradenton, Fla. is not a typical high school.

The athlete-building boarding school, which has an average annual tuition of almost $70,000 a year (plenty of kids are on scholarship), has entered the prep football scene in a big way in recent years, giving them a plethora of Division-1 talent and big influence in the world of college football. Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh combined clouts with the prep powerhouse this week by holding practices at IMG, drawing the ire of the SEC.

Friday, the Wolverines held an open practice at IMG Academy Field -- let's say that visits to the hot dog guy won't be necessary.

That said, I can attest firsthand that Publix sushi is awesome.