Ian McCall will no longer fight at UFC 208 after falling ill on Friday, which has forced him out of his bout with Jarred Brooks.

UFC officials confirmed that McCall was taken to the hospital with gastrointestinal issues and later deemed medically unable to compete upon the doctor's recommendation.

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With McCall pulled less than 24 hours away from the event, Brooks obviously would be unable to secure a new opponent and flyweight fight was completely scrapped from the card.

This is just the latest incident to prevent McCall from competing after his last four bouts have also fallen apart within days of the event taking place.

The string of bad luck started in 2015 when McCall was forced out of a bout with Dustin Ortiz due to injury. His next fight was cancelled two days before the event when Justin Scoggins was unable to make weight and the UFC ultimately pulled the bout from the card.

McCall's next fight was scheduled for UFC 203 but his opponent Ray Borg fell off the card just a day before the event dealing with an illness.

Finally, McCall was forced out of his most recent bout against Neil Seery when he fell ill just a day away from the fight.

Now illness has struck again with McCall pulled from his fight with Brooks on Saturday night at UFC 208.

McCall has now been out of action for more than two years due to the various issues preventing him from returning to the Octagon.

UFC 208 will now move forward with 10 total bouts.