In the past several years it has become commonplace for sororities to create recruitment videos to help sell their sorority to incoming freshmen. These videos have several things in common -- hot girls smiling, matching outfits, short shorts, awesome sorority houses, bikinis, slow-mo shots, drones, sorority letters -- unlike in real life there are no tears.

But this year Alabama's Alpha Phi sorority may have set a new gold standard for the videos. (At least the standard was high enough for five different people to email or Tweet Outkick this video yesterday.)

The Alpha Phi girls went into Bryant Denny Stadium in football jerseys and recruited running back Kenyan Drake to star in the video with them. Drake, who is coming off a serious leg injury, appears to be well recovered although his forty speed is shown up by a girl in Daisy Dukes.

Credit to Alpha Phi for flipping the hot girl script, instead of being used to recruit football players, they're using a football player to recruit new sorority sisters.


Oh, and every man who isn't presently in college will be crying by the end of this video.

No, you can't go back, ever again. But if it's any consolation, most of these girls probably wouldn't have talked to you anyway.