Hopkins' 'Hotline Bling' catch draws rave reviews

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HOUSTON -- DeAndre Hopkins' helmet catch now has a much catchier name.

Houston's star receiver trapped the ball with one hand against the side of his helmet for a highlight-reel catch in a win over the Jaguars on Sunday.

When his 17-year-old sister, Shanterria Cobb, saw it she knew a Drake song described it perfectly.

"She called it the "Hotline Bling" because it was like I was using a cellphone," Hopkins said. "Caught it on my face."

The hit song by the rapper has been the talk of social media this week with the release of its video where the usually ultra-cool Drake does a variety of silly dance moves.

Hopkins also took to social media to give his sister's nickname for it a shout out. He posted a picture of the catch on Instagram with a caption that included part of the chorus of the song: "You used to call me on my cellphone."

"That was for her," he said. "That was pretty funny I thought. I always joke with my little sister. That's my best friend."

The third-year player, who leads the NFL with 726 yards receiving, knows that people really like that catch because it was so unique, but he likes other ones he's made better.

"Definitely not my favorite catch of all time," he said.

So what is his favorite?

"I would probably say high school, 7 on 7, I had a pretty amazing one-handed catch," he said.