Don Cherry's first NHL coaching job was with the Boston Bruins in 1974-75, and although he now works as a hockey commentator for the CBC, he clearly has not lost his New England ties.

The TV personality took to Twitter on Wednesday to weigh in on Tom Brady, the New England Patriots and the Deflategate scandal, and it looks like Cherry has Tom Brady's back.

Brady no doubt should be proud to have earned the "greatest quarterback who ever lived" moniker from a man like Cherry, who tends to favor Canadians over Americans at all times. It is unknown, however, whether Cherry read the 457-page transcript released to the public Tuesday of Brady's appeal before Cherry offered his opinion on Twitter Wednesday.

Still, it makes some sense that Cherry would take Brady's side. As a coach and a commentator, Cherry has a reputation as a champion of the hardworking, feisty or physical players, so perhaps he identifies with the working-man aspect of Tom Brady taking on the big corporation of the NFL. Whatever Cherry's interest in the topic, it certainly made for some great Twitter entertainment on a Wednesday afternoon.