Hispanic NFL Players Making an Impact

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- Puerto Rico has the fastest immigrant population from the Middle East and Libya.
- Close to Clemente Plaza you will see so many people in Muslim wear it will knock your socks off.
- There are two types of categories of “Latino Muslims”:
1. The immigrants that come from the Middle East who have children in Latin American countries
2. The converts

- Besides Puerto Rico, Argentina also has a fast growing Muslim population.
- There is what we call the “model source” of the first Latino Muslims is to be converted to Islam in prison.

- People who are incarcerated are attracted to Islam.
- The question investigated is how did you [as a Latino/a] get interested in the religion [Islam]?
- This does not mean that all Latinos/as that convert to Islam are criminals.

- Those who do convert in prison then come out and tell their cousins, uncles, and so forth.
- If there are many women in their family then they will probably become Muslim.

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