There are perks to being teammates with Peyton Hillis, Madden cover boy.

The Browns' battering back has passed out advance copies of Madden 12, the popular football video game, in Cleveland's locker room. Hillis appears on the cover of the latest edition, which will be released Tuesday. Hillis dished out the videos to the Browns as well as first-year coach Pat Shurmur.

Shurmur has never played the game, but said his son, Kyle, is "somewhat of an expert." Shurmur joked that his son is interested "to see what I look like on the game, too."

Hillis earned the Madden cover in a fan vote, beating out Philadelphia quarterback Michael Vick in the final.

Not all the Browns were excited about getting the video early. Quarterback Colt McCoy said he wasn't "much of a gamer," but planned to get Hillis to sign his copy.