Herbstreit still shaken and stirred from Stillwater quakes

There were nine earthquakes in the Oklahoma City metro area on Tuesday.

No word on whether ESPN college football personality Kirk Herbstreit fell any of them.

Herbstreit was in Stillwater, Okla., in 2011 covering an Oklahoma State win over Kansas State when Boone Pickens Stadium started shaking.

Here's a video of Herbstreit talking with Chris Fowler. Check out Herbstreit's expression as the press box at Boone Pickens Stadium rumbled and shook.

And when Tuesday's quakes happened, it didn't take long for a local resident to reach out to Herbstreit.

The crazy thing: Herbstreit was in Stillwater once again, this time in 2013 for a Baylor-OSU game when another quake hit just six miles northeast of Stillwater.

Herbstreit said he remembered the incident.

(H/T The Oklahoman)

Photo Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports