Henrik: 'You need to bounce back as a team'

BOSTON -- Henrik Sedin's initial reaction was that he'd rather lose in a blowout the way the Canucks did Monday night than late in tight games the way Boston did in Vancouver.

Sedin was then reminded that most people will view the Canucks' 8-1 loss in Game 3 at TD Garden as an embarrassing way of going down, while Boston losing in the last 18.5 seconds in Game 1 and 11 seconds into overtime of Game 2 means they were close and played well but couldn't get a break.

He asked for a mulligan on his first quote.

"Yeah, maybe I take that back -- I don't want to lose, 8-1, that's for sure," the Canucks' captain said. "It might be tougher sometimes to lose in overtime or late like that, but we don't want to lose like this."

Henrik had plenty more to say about why the Canucks the way they did Monday night.

Q: What is it like to lose 8-1?

Sedin: It's not fun. We have a lot of pride in here and to do that in the playoffs, that's not fun. Again, it's one game and we're going to have to take a look at it tomorrow, sit down and see what happened. They scored a few on their power play and to let in two on our power play, which rarely happens, that's not good.

Q: Would you have liked to see some more push back in the third period?

Sedin: Yeah, maybe, but a lot of stuff went on after the whistle and that's one of those games where the clock just runs away. They're sitting back and you can't get much going. That's the way it is.

Q: How does the extracurricular activity and the chippy play that went on affect your play?

Sedin: Nothing. We've got to focus and play hockey. That's No. 1. They've been talking about what is going on on the ice and we tried to stick with our game plan. Tonight it wasn't good enough. If they want to do that -- I mean they gave us a lot of power play time and if we can't score, that's up to us to get better. But, we had our chances.

Q: What was your take on Aaron Rome's hit on Nathan Horton?

Sedin: I haven't seen it enough. I didn't think it was a bad hit. I mean, he's a real honest player. It's tough to see a guy go down like that. It was late, but I don't think it was a terrible hit.

Q: Alex Edler breaks his stick right off the faceoff to start the second period and the Bruins score. Was that the break they needed?

Sedin: Yeah, but you need to bounce back as a team. Of course, breaking sticks like that and they get a turnover and get a scoring chance -- you could almost feel it on your bench that it was going to go in. You need a bounce back after that and we had our chance on a power play, but they score a quick one and that can't happen.

Q: Were you guilty of lazy plays in the second that led to the goals?

Sedin: Yeah, if you look at them, those goals are starting with a turnover and then we don't back check the way we want to and we make a few mistakes. It all starts with the same thing, and that's not taking care of the puck. I think that's the main problem.

Q: How confident are you in Roberto Luongo that after a tough game like this he can bounce back?