BOSTON -- As the Vancouver Canucks' captain, it's up to Henrik Sedin to put on a happy face and tell the world that everything is going to be alright.

He did a fine job of it Wednesday night after Boston again throttled the Canucks, this time winning Game 4 at TD Garden, 4-0, to bring the Stanley Cup Final to a dead heat at two games apiece.

"We've got three games left in the season if it goes to seven games, so if you're frustrated now that's a problem," Sedin said during his marathon-like 25-minute scrum with the media after the game. "It's best-of-three and we have home-ice advantage, and we're going home now. We've won two at home and we've lost two here, but now it's best out of three and we feel good."

The captain kept his spirits high and the positivity flowing with all of his answers. You'd be reading this all night long if we gave you every one of them, so here is a quick snippet of how question and answer session went with the older twin.

Q: Are you guys giving Tim Thomas too much respect by not going at him enough and letting him dictate the area in front of the net?

Sedin: I don't think so. I think we put enough pucks at him and I think he gives up a lot of rebounds, but right now we're not getting to those rebounds. If you get to those rebounds like we saw Tampa did and Philly for that matter and Montreal, you're going to get those goals. Right now we're not getting to the rebounds.

Q: Is it harder to get to the rebounds because he's all the way out in front of the blue paint a lot of the time?

Sedin: Maybe, but maybe we're getting in too deep before we take the shots. And, when we're driving the net we're not stopping where we should stop. Maybe we pass and we go too deep to get those rebounds. That's something we have to look at. I haven't looked at tonight's game, but getting to those rebounds are key.

Q: So, Thomas is not in your head right now?

Sedin: No, he isn't. We can't be thinking of anything else but winning games and that's our focus. This is not game 34 of the regular season or whatever. We've got three games left in the season and we're focused on winning games.

Q: Is there something in particular your line isn't doing well enough?

Sedin: Our last game wasn't good enough, but I thought tonight we had enough chances. We have to solve Thomas. That's the thing.

Q: The other night you talked about turnovers being a problem. Were they again tonight?

Sedin: Yeah, a little bit. It wasn't as bad, but they are feeding on those turnovers and I think you see when they get the momentum in the game they're doing a good job at turning the puck over and coming hard at us. That's something we need to take away, and the only way to do that is to manage the puck better. That means we need to get it deep. We've done a good job of that all year.

Q: You probably only have to make yourself available for seven or eight questions these last two games, but you've been here for 25 minutes facing dozens of questions. Why?

Sedin: Well, because we lost. It's easy to stand here when you're winning, but we know we have to be here. We've lost two big games and you gotta try to stay positive, though. Again, we have it 2-2 going home and it's best out of three with at least two home games in front of our fans. This is the last part of the season. It's not like we're October and everything is going downhill.

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