MIAMI (AP) -- Chris Bosh offered a slight update Saturday on his health, his first public hint of how he's doing since withdrawing from the NBA All-Star Game three weeks ago.

"Feeling good! Feeling great!" Bosh wrote on Twitter, along with a separate mention that he worked out Saturday. He also posted a blog about things he wished he knew in his 20s, but made no reference to his health status there.

Bosh was ruled out of the All-Star Game with what was described as a calf strain. A person with knowledge of the situation later told The Associated Press that a blood clot was found in Bosh's calf, and that he was back on blood-thinning medication -- just as he was last year when his season ended at the All-Star break.

Neither the team nor Bosh has confirmed the second clot, although this situation clearly is not as severe as what he faced last year. At that time, he was hospitalized for several days after a clot worked its way to one of his lungs.

Athletes on blood thinners typically are prohibited from contact sports, given the higher risk of bleeding. It's unclear if Bosh is still on blood-thinning medication.

He will not play Sunday when Miami, a winner of four straight games, hosts the Philadelphia 76ers. Bosh has been around the team at times since the All-Star break, even doing some shooting on occasion, according to teammates.

Heat President Pat Riley said late last month he believes Bosh is trying to find a way back to the court this season, but did not elaborate.

Miami is 7-2 since Bosh was sidelined. Bosh is averaging 19.1 points this season, his 13th in the NBA and his second year in a five-year, $118 million contract.