Albert Haynesworth will avoid a sexual abuse trial after pleading no contest Monday to the lesser charge of simple assault.

The former Redskins defensive lineman, who was traded to the New England Patriots last month, was accused of caressing a waitress' breast as he slid his credit card into her blouse at Washington's W Hotel early on the morning of February 13.

With the plea, Haynesworth entered into an 18-month deferred sentencing program and received community service. The misdemeanor sexual abuse trial that was scheduled for Tuesday was vacated.

If he meets the obligations of his agreement -- reported by the Washington Post to be alcohol abuse and psychological-social assessments -- Haynesworth's case will be dismissed by the government.

The lineman, who had pleaded not guilty to the sexual abuse charge, was embroiled in controversy on and off the field after he was signed by the Redskins prior to the 2009 season.

Haynesworth had turned himself in to authorities on charges stemming from an alleged road rage incident just one day before the alleged sexual assault occurred at the hotel.

According to the police report, the waitress Haynesworth was accused of assaulting said her hands were full of glasses as she cleared the table where the player was sitting. Haynesworth asked if it was OK to place his credit card in her blouse and the waitress nodded her head yes.

Haynesworth placed his card in her blouse, then slid it further in the left side and began to caress her breast, according to the report.

He has 324 tackles and 30.5 sacks in 110 games with the Tennessee Titans and Redskins.