Harvey Updyke is back, and he's more or less the same Harvey Updyke we all know and . . . well, that we all know.

Updyke, an Alabama fan who is notorious for an incident in which he poisoned some important trees in Auburn, Ala., then went on the radio to brag about it, bore witness to his beloved Crimson Tide's 49-42 victory over Texas A&M.

Aggies celebrity quarterback Johnny Manziel accounted for 562 of Texas A&M's 628 yards, but he threw two interceptions that ultimately helped cost Texas A&M the game.

For Manziel haters, it fell something short of a full comeuppance, but for Alabama fans it was sweet revenge from last year's upset. Updyke took to Facebook to rub it in.

"Talk trash now Johhny (sic) punk," he writes under a photo of himself doing the "money fingers" gesture that has become Manziel's signature move:

The comments under it showed the full range of human emotion. There were LOLs, there was bitterness, there was anger, there was a lot of "Roll Tide" and there was even one "you will rot in hell."

I think it's possible people are taking college football too seriously.