Hunter Pence is one of baseball's most unique personalities.

From his frenzied on-field style and unorthodox hitting approach to his off-field interests, the San Francisco Giants' outfielder is one-of-a-kind.

In a new podcast put together by Big League Stew's Mike Oz and Chris Cwik, Pence phones in to discuss all sorts of topics, among them his new affinity for Pilates, his take on the 'even year World Series' expectation that surrounds the Giants and more.

A special weight is given during the conversation to Pence's status as a 'nerd' - and specifically his enthusiasm for the world of "Harry Potter".

Pence and his financee, Alexis, paid a visit to Harry Potter World earlier in the offseason andseems to really have enjoyed themselves.

Here's a quote from the podcast featuring Pence detailing his love for "Harry Potter" - even though he hasn't read the books:

"I think I've been into 'Harry Potter' since the second one came out. I followed them as they came out, I was going and watching them in theaters. I haven't read the books, which...I want to do, but I've seen probably the movie series six or seven times. I really love the imagination, the underlying message - the decision between what is right and easy - I love all of it. The courage, the faith, the friendship and unity of the kids and standing for what is right. It's a beautiful story, it's fun, and there's so much imagination and creativity."

Pence details his trip to Harry Potter World for his fiancee's 30th birthday, calling out the 'wand experience' (of buying replica wands that have interactive abilities at the park) as among his highlights...despite breaking one after twirling it around too much.

The concept of being a fan of "Harry Potter" without having read any of J.K. Rowlings' books isn't too far-fetched, since the movies did so well in their own right. Chances are, millions of folks who consider themselves fans of the series haven't read the books either.

Other 'nerdy' topics discussed on the podcast include his renewed interest in "Magic: The Gathering", comic books and more...as Pence has clearly blended his rigorous offseason training with some more personal interests.

Listen to the rest of the entertaining podcast below: