Half-court shot wins teen tuition

There are several ways one can attend college for free.

You can earn an athletic or academic scholarship by playing a sport really well or excelling in the classroom. You can apply for other scholarships and grants for which you qualify. You can receive federal aid.

Or, if you're Markus Burden, you can just sink a half-court shot.

That's Burden, an 18-year-old incoming freshman at Ball State University, in the video below, and this was his fourth and final try at a half-court shot for free tuition at a Thursday night Welcome Week event:

It's hard to say how I'd respond to hitting from 47 feet away and receiving a semester of free out-of-state tuition valued at $11,084, according to the Journal and Courier , but it would probably look something like that.

"It was an overwhelming feeling," the Frankfort, Ill., native told the paper. "It just gives us a lot of breathing room right now."

Burden told the Journal and Courier that he didn't play basketball in high school, but given that the Cardinals basketball team has only played in one NCAA tournament game in the last 18 years, maybe it wouldn't be the worst idea if new head coach James Whitford gave the kid a look.