Terrance Knighton (98) was one of several Redskins veteran defensive players to enjoy a fancy dinner paid for by the rookies. Geoff Burke USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Redskins' defensive rookies and veterans got together for dinner on Monday night at Mastro's restaurant, and the rookies picked up the $22,159.04 tab. Running up the bill is tradition at these rookie-funded dinners, so it was no surprise to see a check that included truffle butter, steak sashimi and...two Shirley Temples?

After some digging, The Washington Post was also able to get to the bottom of it and find out who ordered those Shirley Temples.

Rookie second-round draft pick Preston Smith stood strong when asked about his decision to purchase the sugary non-alcholic beverage.

Veteran defensive linemen Terrance Knighton and Chris Baker didn't enjoy a Shirley Temple, but they were thankful for the big dinner that neither player had to pick up the tab on.

In the end, the bill was split up between four of the Redskins' rookie defensive players. Smith signed a contract with $3.1 million guaranteed, so it's no surprise that he was one of the rookies who volunteered to pay.

(h/t The Washington Post)

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