ASHBURN, Va. -- Redskins coach Jay Gruden said Sunday he will decide whether Robert Griffin III or Colt McCoy backs up quarterback Kirk Cousins for Week 1 after Griffin visits a neurologist "early this week."

The Redskins open the regular season at home against Miami on Sunday.

Griffin missed Washington's final two preseason games after sustaining a concussion against Detroit on Aug. 20.

He was originally cleared to return two days before the Redskins' Aug. 29 game against Baltimore, before a team neurologist reversed his decision.

Griffin has participated in practices since the injury.

"Hopefully he'll get cleared," Gruden said. "But we'll wait and see."

Gruden demoted Griffin and selected Cousins to be the starter last Monday, setting off speculation that Griffin might be cut or even traded.

Griffin remained with the Redskins following Saturday's 53-man roster deadline.

On Sunday, Gruden said he doesn't believe the presence of the 2012 Offensive Rookie of the Year will negatively impact the team.

"The only distractions, like I said, are made out here," said Gruden, referencing the media. "We don't feel like he's a distraction at all. We feel like he's a quarterback that's young and talented and done some great things."

The second-year head coach also said he is unaware of any conversations about a potential trade.

"I haven't heard anything of that sort," Gruden said. "All I know is we made decisions on our 53-man roster. He's one of our 53. That's all we're going by now."

Injuries caused Cousins, Griffin and McCoy to all start multiple games last season as the Redskins finished 4-12.

Gruden said Griffin would be his starter in February. He changed course Monday, citing Cousins' preseason performance.

Cousins completed 40 of 53 passes with two touchdowns and one interception in three preseason games. Griffin completed 6 of 13 passes, and was sacked three times and lost a fumble against Detroit.