Gronk explains why he skipped Pro Bowl: 'I was not hopping on that plane'

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Just as six other Patriots did, Rob Gronkowski skipped the Pro Bowl following New England's crushing loss to the Denver Broncos in the AFC Championship. Initially, Gronk didn't give an explanation as to why he wasn't in Hawaii. On Wednesday, he did, and it's a valid reason ... sort of.

After taking "like 20 hits" against the Broncos, Gronkowski was not interested in getting on a plane and flying for 12 hours to Hawaii. That seems like a valid reason.


Gronkowski said he would have played in the game had it not been just one week after the AFC Championship. And because of that, he believes the NFL has to change the format of the Pro Bowl.

Needless to say, Gronkowski isn't the first player to have a gripe with the game. There's a reason why every single Patriots player that was picked passed on going to Hawaii. And it's understandable.

The NFL probably knows the Pro Bowl needs some sort of modification, it's just a matter of how that will happen.