Robert Pera has a lot going for him these days.

At 35, he is one of the youngest billionaires in the world, he's buddies with Justin Timberlake and, just last October, he and a group of investors dropped a reported $350 million to buy the Memphis Grizzlies. (Pera's investment was reportedly $45 million for a controlling 26 percent stake in the team.)

That being said, I can't help but think that Pera was overstating his basketball skills Monday when he sent these tweets to Grizzlies swingman Tony Allen:

Hey GrindFather @aa000G9 -- How about we play 1:1 in Memphis before training camp start? I'll spot you a couple baskets to make it a game!

-- Robert J Pera (@RobertPera) September 9, 2013 @aa000G9 I'll personally donate a hundred stacks to your charity if you beat me

-- Robert J Pera (@RobertPera) September 9, 2013 Pera is said to be 6 feet 3, and he supposedly has skills. During his introductory news conference with the Grizzlies, Pera said he can dunk , and he trains with former San Jose State player Terry Cannon.

"He can really jump," Grizzlies CEO Levien told Businessweek . "He can make shots. He's technically very proficient."

That sentiment was echoed by Cannon, who told the Memphis Commercial Appeal : "His strength is probably his shot. He has great touch. He has pretty good footwork."

But hype aside, Allen, 6-4, doesn't seem too worried, and probably rightfully so. After all, he is an NBA player:

Thats free money!! Boss

-- Tony Allen (@aa000G9) September 9, 2013 Far be it from me to say that Pera shouldn't take Allen on, though. As a guy who feels good about himself when he donates a Hefty bag of old T-shirts to Goodwill, I think any excuse to give $100,000 to charity is a good one.