Former New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, suspended indefinitely for his role in the team's bounty system, can be heard instructing players to hurt opponents, according to audio released Thursday.

San Francisco quarterback Alex Smith and running back Frank Gore are among the players Williams mentions during a speech before the Saints lost to the 49ers in the Divisional Playoffs.

"We hit (expletive) Smith right there" Williams is heard saying, according to a report on Yahoo! that said the banned coach also pointed under his chin.

Williams also reportedly rubbed his thumb against his index and middle fingers - the money sign - and said: "I got the first one. Go get it. Go lay that (expletive) out," Yahoo! reported.

Payton was suspended for the 2012 season, Loomis for eight games and Vitt for six. The Saints also were fined $500,000 and ordered to forfeit second-round draft picks in 2012 and 2013.

Williams, who was named defensive coordinator for the St. Louis Rams before news of the bounty system surfaced in early March, did not appeal his ban.

Pamphilon, who had special access to the Saints last season while working on a documentary, did not believe any players were actually injured as a result of the speech.

"I was two feet behind the Saints' bench," he told Yahoo!, "And it looked like they were trying to kill each other every play. But I've watched about 15 NFL games from the sidelines, and I didn't see anything different in that game than I've seen in any other football game."

(Reporting by Gene Cherry in Salvo, North Carolina; Editing by Frank Pingue)