MacKenzie Weegar, a defenseman for the Florida Panthers, knocked out a Montreal Canadiens player on Tuesday who was earlier in the season for a hit that resulted in a concussion for the defenseman.

Paul Byron was suspended in January for three games without pay by the NHL on Wednesday for charging Weegar. The suspension cost Byron $18,817. He also apologized for the hit.


But apparently, the apology was not enough The two squared off in during a game in Montreal.

Weegar had an upper hand the entire fight. He landed left-handed punches while tightly grabbing Byron’s shirt. After two punches, Weegar connected with a left-handed uppercut that knocked Byron to the ice. The crowd gasped and the referee broke up the fight.

Byron took a while to get back on his feet and needed a referee’s assistance as he skated off the ice.

The Canadiens defeated the Panthers 6-1. Byron never returned.