Grambling football team boycotts practice

Grambling football players have had it up to here with the program.

On Tuesday, team members walked out on a meeting with the school’s president and athletic director, the Shreveport Times reports. The team is allegedly upset regarding the firing of coach Doug Williams last month and the school’s use of ground transportation, such as buses, to shuttle players to distant away games.

According to the paper, none of the players attended Wednesday's practice session.

At 0-7, there is plenty to be upset about for Grambling players — but Tuesday's meeting with president Frank Pogue, athletic director Aaron James, interim coach George Ragsdale and student government president Jordan Harvey was held primarily to address the travel situation.

According to the Times, players walked out when Harvey called the team “soft" — something the student body president now calls a message of support that was misinterpreted.

“[The administration] knew that emotions were raw,” Grambling spokesman Will Sutton told the Times. “No matter what, it was going to be a challenge for the team to feel good after this season and last season.”

You could say that again.

“It was basically a munity,” a Times source said. “[The team] rode the bus all that way [to Indianapolis], and then come back and are disrespected like that. [The team] is standing together because they don’t know if anybody else is standing with them.”

Grambling has lost 17 consecutive games to NCAA teams.

“Every week we go against the opposing team, their fans, our 'fans' and our president,” linebacker Steve Orisakwe tweeted.

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