Goodyear elects to replace right side tires at Fontana

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Goodyear pulled 10 right side tires as a precautionary measure after discovering unusual wear following qualifying on Friday.

Although the same tire code (4386) was used successfully at Las Vegas and Charlotte Motor Speedway in the past, tire specialists found thin thread in "small, localized areas" according to Stu Grant, general manager of global racing tires.

"We decided to pull those tire (sequences) from the system," Grant added. "We'll give them a tire that doesn't have the same shearogrophy image."

Goodyear elected to review the data from previous right side builds and sent the tires in question back to its headquarters in Akron, Ohio, to examine the shearography image which uses non-destructive lasers to measure and detect defects to the tire.

Goodyear will re-evaluate the tires following practice on Saturday to determine whether any further action needs to be taken.