Goodell says he doesn't know about Le'Veon Bell's appeal

If NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has any inside info on the appeal of Le'Veon Bell's suspension, he's doing a good job of hiding it.

Asked at a local fundraiser about the Steelers running back's three-game ban, Goodell didn't have much of an answer for when it would get resolved.

"That appeal is not heard by me," Goodell said per the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. "I would have to get somebody else to get a timeline on that."

That somebody else likely means that an independent arbitrator will determine Bell's fate, although Goodell could still intervene.

Goodell offered a similarly vague response when asked about Tom Brady's suspension, saying that there is no timeline to make a decision. If both suspensions are upheld, both Bell and Brady will miss the season-opening game between the Steelers and Patriots in New England on Sept. 10.

h/t: Tribune-Review