The 109th edition of Major League Baseball's World Series begins this week with all games scheduled to air live on FOX Sports. The American League won home field advantage by virtue of the 3-0 win in the All Star Game and will host games 1 and 2 as well as games 6 and 7 if they become necessary. Last year, the San Francisco Giants won the World Series and the Commissioners Trophy by defeating the Detroit Tigers in a 4-game sweep. This year, the Giants struggled and did not make the playoffs. Heading into the last weeks of the regular season, teams were pretty much set on the National League side with Atlanta, Los Angeles, St. Louis, Pittsburgh and Cincinnati among the teams that could make it to the World Series. On the American League side, Boston, Detroit, Texas and Oakland appeared destined for the playoffs with the remaining wild card spot up for grabs among Tampa Bay, Baltimore, New York, Cleveland and Kansas City. Tune in for the exciting conclusion of Major League Baseball's 2013 season as a new champion is crowned on FOX Sports.

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00:00 (LIVE) & 09:30 October 24

MLB: World Series, Game 1 - TBA

00:00 (LIVE) & 17:00 October 25

MLB: World Series, Game 2 - TBA

00:00 (LIVE) & 11:00 October 27

MLB: World Series, Game 3 - TBA

00:00 (LIVE) & 19:00 October 28

MLB: World Series, Game 4 - TBA

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