Germany concerned about Brazil's hard tackling ahead of World Cup semifinal

Germany assistant coach Hansi Flick is concerned about Brazil's hard tackling ahead of the World Cup semifinals.

Flick says Brazil is an "outstanding team that plays at the limit of the allowed and will go over the limit if necessary."

Germany midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger agreed that some of the fouls committed by Brazil were "over the limit."

He says many consider Brazil players "magicians," but adds that the host team also plays with a hard edge.

The Brazilians will be without their attacking talisman, with Neymar ruled out of the tournament after injuring his back in the quarterfinals.

Flick thinks the absence of the injured star could help Brazil close ranks for Tuesday's match in Belo Horizonte.

Although, Schweinsteiger adds: "We are all very sad that Neymar is not playing."