Former Patriots LB: 'We practiced how and when to bat a ball'

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Bill Belichick has made it known that he would like all plays to be reviewable by the officials. That would have been helpful in Monday night's game between the Seattle Seahawks and Detroit Lions.

At the end of the game, KJ Wright seemingly batted the ball intentionally out of the end zone, which should have been a penalty and a first down for the Lions with a chance to win the game.

It was certainly a controversial play, but needless to say, Belichick knows the rule and likely wasn't confused by the missed call.

Former Patriots outside linebacker Rosevelt Colvin shared on Twitter that Belichick had the team practice batting balls in practice and the situations in which to do it.

It's likely nothing more than Belichick understanding the rules and how to push the envelope, but it's still rather interesting. It worked for the Seahawks, so Belichick is probably just preparing for similar situations.

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