Former NFL players appeal terms of concussion settlement

PHILADELPHIA (AP) Former NFL players who object to terms of the potential $1 billion concussion settlement are filing appeals Monday with a federal court in Philadelphia.

About a dozen appeals are expected on behalf of about 90 ex-players. They are likely to be argued this fall and delay payments until 2016.

Some appeals challenge the exclusion of future cases of CTE, the brain decay that some link to football concussions.

Negotiators who forged the deal say the science on CTE, or chronic traumatic encephalopathy (en-sef-ah-LOP'-ah-thee), is still evolving.

Former player Andrew Stewart has Parkinson's disease and wants credit toward an award for three years of preseason and training camp experience.

Lawyer Michael Rosenthal says the 49-year-old Stewart would get only one year of credit for his 1989 season with the Cleveland Browns under the current settlement.