Forget prophecies -- Cubs just got burned by the Curse of Marty McFly

So much for that whole "Back to the Future Part II" predicting the future thing. Instead, it looks like we can add the Curse of Marty McFly to the long, not-so-illustrious list of Cubs curses.

In case you've been riding through life on your hoverboard, oblivious to the rest of the world, you know by now that Chicago's most lovable of losers win the 2015 World Series in the movie "Back to the Future Part II." A movie released 26 years ago.

Adding to the allure is that Michael J. Fox's most famous movie character travels ahead 30 years, to the date of Oct. 21, 2015. So of course Back to the Future Day was a thing on Wednesday.

But in the latest cruel twist for the North Siders, rather than director Robert Zemeckis being the ultimate Nostradamus of film, the Cubs were eliminated from the playoffs on Wednesday, losing 8-3 to the New York Mets, getting swept at Wrigley Field of all things.

So here we are, the 107th straight offseason of "maybe next year" for Cubs fans. Something else that is old hat in Chicago? Curses.

Well, we gotta blame the sweep on something, so congratulations, Marty McFly. You've rightfully taken your place alongside Steve Bartman, the Billy goat, the black cat, Leon Durham and whatever else you want to blame for more than 100 years of despair.

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