Footballer treated for cancer wins case over stopped pay

LAUSANNE, Switzerland (AP) The Court of Arbitration for Sport has awarded ''moral damages'' of around $60,000 to a football player whose contract was suspended while he was treated for cancer.

FIFPro, the global players' union, says the ruling in favor of Sebastian Ariosa of Uruguay is ''a great result.''

The court said Paraguayan club Olimpia caused Ariosa ''angst and insecurity'' when it suspended his five-year contract in 2013 while he underwent chemotherapy in Uruguay.

CAS awarded Ariosa seven percent of the total contract value as ''moral damages.''

Ariosa also got sporting compensation of around $90,000 from CAS.

Both Ariosa and Olimpia appealed to CAS after FIFA ruled last year that his contract should be paid in full.

FIFPro says 30-year-old Ariosa has recovered and is playing for Defensor Sporting in Uruguay.