Florida softball player steals home while pitcher isn't looking

The Florida Gators advanced to the NCAA Super Regionals with an 8-0 win over UCF Sunday, so while this amazing play to score two runs on a walk didn't make a huge difference in the game, it still serves as a good lesson for every pitcher.

With the bases loaded and three balls in the count, UCF pitcher Jamie Ujvari walked in a run with a high pitch. The UCF catcher tossed the ball back to Ujvari, who turned her back on home plate and started wandering toward second base.

Seeing that Ujvari was distracted, Kelsey Stewart covertly took off from third and snuck behind the runner who was walked home, and both crossed the plate before Ujvari turned and noticed.

The Gators are the two-time defending national champions and are ranked No. 1 in the nation.

(Thanks to FTW! for sharing this video.)