Ference just glad to contribute

BOSTON -- Andrew Ference was on the ice and at least partially responsible for two goals against in Boston's Game 2 loss to the Vancouver Canucks.

Ference's wayward pass seconds into overtime helped the Canucks counterattack quickly and Alexandre Burrows had the game-winning goal just 11 seconds into OT. The Boston defenseman got some measure of revenge in Game 3,scoring a goal and adding an assist in the Bruins' 8-1 victory at TD Garden on Monday night.

He got the scoring started with a goal -- ironically enough,11 seconds into the second period -- and picked up an assist on what proved to be the game-winning goal by Mark Recchi.

"It feels good regardless,just to contribute and just be part of a good,solid game," Ference said. "Whether it was good points or no points,however they shake up. I had a coach who told me,‘Don't play defense if you want glory,' so most of us back there aren't really looking for pats on the back. We just want to win."

Here's more of what Ference had to say after the game:

Q: Someone last game suggested that Tim [Thomas] should change his style,is it a good thing he doesn't listen to the media?

A: He's going to beat to his own drum,no matter what anyone says. That definitely I think brought a smile to a few guys in this locker room to hear that suggestion.

Q: It seemed like your team had a lot of hits in the first two games,but it seemed like maybe there was more behind them tonight,maybe more aggressive hits instead of chasing people?

A: There is a difference between running all over the place and trying to find hits and there is a time where a hit is just part of the play. A lot of the plays just presented themselves tonight within the context of our system,and we were able to make those hits and make them solid. The hits are always more solid when your feet are moving. We definitely didn't run around looking for them,because that's usually when our team gets burned.

Q: Take us through the reaction when you found out that [Nathan] Horton was moving his arms and legs on the bench?

A: Obviously everyone wants more information and to know if he's doing all right. A couple of guys saw him right away and he was saying a couple of things to [Milan Lucic] or something like that. We had an idea of where he was at a bit,but obviously we're still concerned. It is right after the game and we still don't know anything about his condition. It is nice to get an update but it doesn't mean he's doing great.

Q: How tough is it to focus on hockey after something like that?

A: It is awful to see a teammate like that. I don't know if it sounds cold,but it is part of the job to be unemotional so you try to just throw it in your back pocket and put your emotions away. Your concern is there,but you can't sit there and let it eat up space in your head.

Q: That said,did that incident spur you on,or a momentum builder of any kind?

A: The stakes are so high with a 2-0 series and we're at home,so I don't know how you boost those stakes any higher or the intensity that was needed for this game. It is part of the fabric of the game. I think that is it.

Q: What is the difference between beating the Canucks 3-1 or 4-1 or 8-1 tonight? What are those four goals worth in this dressing room?

A: It is like we talked about this morning about the games and being down 2-0. It is the same answer -- a win is a win. I think they all happen in different ways. Sometimes they are close and sometimes they are overtime goals or you get crazy ones like this. At the end it still counts as one win in the series and you can’t sit here and treat it differently. We’re going to turn the page and accept the win and move on. The series is 2-1, so it doesn’t matter if we won a tight one or a big one tonight.