Last New Year's Eve, former heavyweight world champion Fedor Emelianenko returned to MMA competition after several years in retirement. The legend's win came against the overmatched MMA novice Jaideep Singh, Japan.

Now training in the Netherlands, Emelianenko told Epic MMA in a recent video interview (below) that though he's expecting to fight in his home country of Russia next, he has bigger goals to keep competing in the sport, and at the highest levels. "I have nothing to prove, but I want to fight the best of the best and would like to fight UFC champion Fabricio Werdum," he said.

Werdum submitted Emelianenko and handed the Russian the first legitimate loss in his MMA career. The defeat would be the first of three-straight for the former Pride champ.

Unlike many of his peers from the Japanese organization, Emelianenko never transitioned to the UFC. As such, the quality of his opposition since the dissolution of Pride as varied, wildly.

Even after years of failed negotiations, the 39 year-old still seems to hold out hope that he'll eventually be able to fight in the big leagues, again. "I have been asked about the UFC a lot. Our doors are open and we are talking about it," he continued.

"Maybe it will happen in the future."

The fighter seemed to suggest that being granted a fight against the champion Werdum could be the key to him signing with the UFC. According to Fedor, he's ready and willing to take on the Brazilian, again.

"I would like to have a rematch against Fabricio Werdum," he said, again.

"I've told the UFC many times that I want and would accept that fight."