Equestrian Team Eventing Final: Germany Wins Team Gold

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Britain's royal family has its first medal of the 2012 Olympic Games, as Zara Phillips -- the granddaughter of the Queen -- was on the team that won silver, but the team celebrating at the end of the three-day eventing competition was Germany, who took home gold.

Germany has the most gold medals and medals overall in equestrian, and came through with a strong performance on the third day of the competition, not receiving a single penalty on the final jumping portion of the eventing competition. Great Britain didn't either, but it was already trailing, with Germany at 133.7 penalty points and Great Britain at 138.2 penalty points. (The goal is to have less penalties -- Canada, in last place, had 2071.2 penalty points, which isn't as good.)

Here's how the medals turned out:

Gold: Germany

Silver: Great Britain

Bronze: New Zealand

Germany led the entire way through the three-day event. The United States finished in seventh.

More importantly, these are the medals I have assigned to horses that participated in the event based on how much I like their name:

Gold: Gin & Juice, ridden by Hawley Bennett-Awad of Canada (Canada finished in 13th out of 13, but at least they had the best horse named after a mid-90's west coast rap thing)

Silver: Coolio, ridden by Mark Kyle of Ireland (the second-best horse named after a mid-90's west coast rap thing)

Bronze: Butts Abraxxas, ridden by Ingrid Klimke of Germany

Honorable mentions: Portersize Just a Jiff, ridden by Camilla Speirs of Ireland; Barbara, ridden by Serguel Barbaroff of Brazil (presumably a tribute to Barbaro, R.I.P.); Miners Frolic, ridden by Tina Cook of Great Britain; Mystery Whisper, ridden by Phillip Dutton of the United States; and Gazelle De La Brasserie, ridden by Karin Donckers of Belgium (rough French translation: Steakhouse Gazelle).

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