Drivers, others react to debut of new 'Trackside Superstore' at Pocono

Fans arriving at Pocono Raceway on Friday were greeted with an all-new shopping experience.

Beginning this weekend and continuing for the foreseeable future, a new trackside retail model formally known as the "Trackside Superstore" is the primary place where fans can buy the merchandise of their favorite driver.

The superstore -- a 60,000-square foot tent-style structure made up of two long sides, a centerpiece area and checkout piece at the end -- will eventually completely replace the traditional souvenir trailers so popular for some two decades.

So what are the initial of impressions of the superstore, which is part of a previously announced 10-year agreement between NASCAR and Fanatics, the world's largest online retail company?

"I thought it was awesome," said driver Martin Truex Jr. "Just from my perspective I thought it seems a lot simpler. It seems more modern and just a nicer area to be in. There is shade, there is a little bit of air flow. It is not standing out in the sun sweating walking around to try to find your driver's hauler or things like that. The biggest thing that stuck out for me, we have a souvenir hauler that we share with other drivers."

Contained within the superstore is merchandise from 58 NASCAR drivers and 25 teams.

"I'm constantly getting messages on Twitter and on Facebook and my fans asking me at the racetrack, 'Where do we get your hats? Where do we get your T-shirts?'" Truex said. "It's like, 'Well, I don't know where that trailer is at this weekend.'

"It's just a lot more simplified, especially for us," Truex said of the superstore. "I thought it was a really cool atmosphere out there. It should be fun for the fans. I think they are going to enjoy it."

Not surprisingly, Truex hasn't been the only member of the NASCAR community to weigh in. See what others have had to say: