While LSU offensive coordinator Cam Cameron was diagnosed with prostate cancer, he had some great news when informing everyone that he had a "clean bill of health," according to David Ching of ESPN.

"[I was] diagnosed with prostate cancer and have been given a clean bill of health." Cameron told ESPN.

Ching reported that it was a four-week process from when he was originally diagnosed, to when he was given the clean bill of health. One man who made sure to reach out to Cameron was New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees. Cameron was the offensive coordinator for Brees during his early seasons with the San Diego Chargers.

Mike Triplett of ESPN first reported the news of Brees reaching out to his old coach, and the Saints QB spoke highly of Cameron.

"He's a guy that's had tremendous impact on my career, and obviously that's a serious deal and I hope he's OK and he's made it through it. My thoughts are with him and his family," Brees told ESPN.

"He taught me a lot," Brees said. "There's still things that he said to me during those years that ring inside my mind at different times, different coaching points or just lessons learned through being in different situations with him. It wasn't always smiles and laughs -- we had plenty of tough heart-to-heart conversations, because that was the real kind of growth process time in my career. I was benched three times in that time frame and (that is) another reason why (former Chargers head coach) Marty Schottenheimer, my relationship is so strong with him."

It was great to see Brees reach out to Cameron, but even more than that, it's incredibly great to hear that Cameron is doing well and is actually planning to coach this season for LSU. That's quite an incredible comeback.

(h/t ESPN)