The San Diego Chargers made the decision to draft Philip Rivers back in the 2004 NFL draft, which in turn, led to Drew Brees landing with the New Orleans Saints. While you can bet that Saints fans are happy about the decision, it probably left a bit of a sour taste in the mouth of Brees.

This is why, when the question was brought up about whether the Saints drafting Garrett Grayson reminded him of that situation, he had a quick response. As Evan Woodbery of NOLA.com explains, Brees had little interest in talking about that, shooting it down quickly.

"Absolutely not," Brees replied before the question was even finished.

To top it off, Brees didn't even get more in-depth with the answer than that. Simply stating "I summed that up in two words."

Well, Brees is obviously far past his time in San Diego, but he definitely had no interest in talking about his potential future replacement. The good news for Brees is, it's a safe bet that he doesn't have anything to worry about anytime in the near future.

Drew Brees, you are still the man in New Orleans.

(h/t NOLA.com)