The morning after his Los Angeles Dodgers lost a game on a disputed play at the plate, manager Don Mattingly made a case for the expanded use of instant replay reviews in baseball.

Mattingly said Thursday that he would like to see plays at the plate become subject to review, and suggested that it was worth considering the use of instant replay to review any game-ending play. Currently, home runs are subject to review, although the expansion of replay to review other types of plays has been considered.

"With replay going in the NFL, and replay now in the NBA, you kind of start going, 'That's one of those calls that changes the game," Mattingly said.

Mattingly said that could apply to other game-ending situations, even double-play balls.

"Let's just expand it to the point where if it ends a game," Mattingly said. "A game-ending play. Let's say a double-play ball that you say, 'Hey, that's the end of the game, you called him out, I thought he was safe.' It seem like that could be a play (subject to review)."

Milwaukee's Nyjer Morgan was called safe on a slide home in the 10th inning Wednesday night, giving the Brewers a 3-2 victory. Replays showed that catcher A.J. Ellis might have tagged him out just before he touched home plate.

"Those plays always cost you a run, which could end up costing you a game," Mattingly said. "And last night was just really one of those ... You can't say it cost you the game, but you could say it cost you the opportunity."

Mattingly acknowledged that such plays are difficult calls for umpires to make in real time.

"That's a tough call, I'll say that," Mattingly said. "I would be a proponent for that play to be replayed, because it cost you a game. But saying that, that's a tough call."

Mattingly acknowledged that additional replay reviews could slow down the game even further.

"I know it probably gets complicated, and the game, they talk about it being too long and too slow, they're always trying to speed the game up," Mattingly said. "To me, that's stuff you talk about, it kind of changes that. But in the same sense, the game keeps moving on like all the other ones, and I'm sure we're going to get a little bit more of it as time goes on."