By Stephanie Ditta

VANCOUVER (Reuters) - A second gold medal spectacularly secured, snowboarding icon Shaun White set his sights on a night of even higher office.

"I'm free for dinner. I'm sure we could work something out," White told a news conference late Wednesday.

White has become the face of the high-flying sport which is fast developing into one of the most popular, and photogenic, of Winter Games sports.

White's gold along with fellow American Scott Lago's bronze contributed to a haul of six medals for the U.S. on Wednesday, the most the country has won in a single day at the Winter Games.

White, who donned a patriotic blue-stars scarf on his winning run, said he has been thinking about possible outfits for the team if the next Winter Games are held in Sochi, Russia.

"Shaun thinks we should wear leather jackets, with a big screeching American eagle on the back," laughed team mate Lago.

(Editing by Miles Evans)