Did the spelling bee co-champion throw shade at his competitor?

The Scripps National Spelling had a little bit of everything Thursday. There was undeniable drama as Jairam Hathwar, 13, and Nihar Janga, 11, went back and forth for the ultimate prize.

But was there also some poor sportsmanship? It depends on your point of view, as old-school fans might see this footage one way while new-school fans might come away with something else.

Janga appears to take great pleasure after Hathwar misspells the word "drahthaar." Janga is in the background while Hathwar attempts to spell the word, but once Hathwar misses one letter, you can see Janga shaking his head.

Then Janga appears to clap in Hathwar's face. Check out the footage below.

Later in the competition, Janga spells "gesellschaft" correctly, clinching a tie for the title. Hathwar gives his competitor a standing ovation and walks toward Janga to give him a high-five. Janga moves toward Hathwar then turns back toward the crowd, thumping his chest and throws up an "X," a possible homage to Dallas Cowboys wideout Dez Bryant.

Hathwar is left hanging, trying to save face by just clapping in the middle of the stage. Hathwar reaches for Janga's shoulder to try to get his attention and give him a high-five but Janga pulls away and hugs his family. Watch it unfold below.

Twitter immediately picked up on the perceived diss.