Dez Bryant had to give away his pet monkey 'Dallas'

Back in November, Dez Bryant found himself in some hot water when he got a tiny monkey named "Dallas." His adoption of the capuchin was met with both jealousy and a bit of outrage as PETA tried to get animal control to seize his monkey.

Well, those angry with Bryant for his decision to adopt the animal can rest easy now. Bryant has given his monkey away, though he didn't give a reason as to why.

"But I get to see him," Bryant said on KTCK-AM 1310 The Ticket, via the Dallas Morning News. "I always wanted a monkey and I got him."

Despite many being angry that Bryant had a monkey as a pet, he apparently treated it like royalty.

"He was one of us. The monkey was one of us," Bryant said. "He got pure-A1 treatment."

This was probably a tough day for the receiver as it's never easy to give up a pet -- especially one as adorable and human-like as a monkey is. But hey, at least he can still pay Dallas visits in the future.