Detroit Lions linebacker DeAndre Levy is known for his death-defying offseasons.

During a 2013 trip to the Amazon rainforest, Levy slept with a machete and survived by eating frogs, rats and piranha fish. Earlier this offseason, the linebacker walked on the wings of a biplane. He has also hiked Machu Picchu in Peru and swam with sharks in South Africa.

Over the weekend, Levy felt the need to remind his Instagram followers just how awesome he is. So, he posted a photo of himself sledding (more like wiping out) down the side of an active volcano in Nicaragua.

"I don't always go sledding, but when I do, it's down an active volcano. Leon, Nicaragua. #BigFootHostel #CerroNegro," the caption reads.

Levy makes a convincing case as the most interesting man in the NFL. To the Lions, however, this daredevil is a veteran contributor they can't afford to lose. General manager Martin Mayhew has already expressed his discontent with Levy's offseason adventures.

Can you imagine his cringe every time he comes across a story like this?

(h/t Instagram)