Derrick Henry is doing Derrick Henry things again.

Namely, he's laying waste to the 2016 NFL Combine and clocking in the kind of numbers that send NFL scouts into doe-eyed frenzies.

The cherry on top in all this is an NFL comparison that's quickly gaining traction between the Alabama running back and Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller.

NFL Network's Jack Andrade posted an interesting little side-by-side comparing Henry's 2016 NFL combine numbers with Miller's combine performance from 2011. They are startlingly similar.

This is about as fortunate a coincidence a draft prospect could hope for.

A few scant weeks ago the nation watched as Miller transformed into a one-man SEAL team and shredded the Carolina Panthers to pieces in Super Bowl 50. Miller's stock couldn't be higher right now, and if you're an incoming prospect looking for a wave to ride into the league, you could do a lot worse than latching onto the reigning Super Bowl MVP's.

Also, as USA Today Sports's Lindsay Jones notes, the Henry/Miller similarities raise a question:

Another interesting question: "Could Derrick Henry play linebacker in the NFL?"

I realize asking if running backs would be good linebackers is like wondering if deer would make effective pack hunters. Then again, if a particular deer is jacked beyond belief and willing to run through walls to get what it wants, the pallor of the question changes a bit.

I mean, I wouldn't want to see Derrick Henry running full-speed to tackle me with hate in his eyes. Not even once.

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