Dave Gettleman has no issue with Cam Newton's offseason activities

Watching Cam Newton play Knockerball and flag football may leave fans a bit on edge. According to David Newton of ESPN though, general manager Dave Gettleman isn't one of the people who is concerned in the slightest.

"They're guys. You can't put them in Bubble Wrap. You just can't do it. It doesn't make a difference who it is. You look at all of these guys across every sport. They're 20-something-year-old guys full of vim and vinegar. So let's go." Gettleman told ESPN.

He wasn't done there either, as he made it known that while they speak with the players, you simply have to know that, as the old saying goes, boys will be boys.

"Listen," Gettleman said. "We talk to the guys. We talk about putting them in a position to succeed. We talk to them about big picture all the time. Then you've got to let them go. You've got to let your kids go."

It's good that Gettleman isn't looking to try to lock down his franchise quarterback. Newton loves to have fun, but he loves football far more, you can bet on that one.

(h/t ESPN)

Photo Credit: Streeter Lecka/Getty Images