Danica Tracker: How will she do in Fontana?

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With Daytona in her rearview mirror, Danica Patrick is at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, Calif., for her second career NASCAR start.

How will she do in today's Stater Bros. 300 Nationwide Series race? Follow along live.

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Lap 56: Danica's crew is offering her encouragement after running a solid last lap.

Lap 49: Up front, Joey Logano is battling with Brian Scott for the lead.

Lap 46: Danica is up to 37th, still one lap down.Four of the six cars behind her are in the garage.

Lee Spencer: Before the race, Danica's crew chief Tony Eury Jr. told me "I'll be happy if she finishes in the top 20." He also expects her to do better in Vegas.

Lap 41: Chip Ross to Danica - "Nice corner, nice corner - that was a good job right there."

Lap 39: Spotter Chip Ross is telling Danica "Hit your marks, hit your marks - go after it girl!"

Lap 38 - GREEN FLAG: Joey Logano leads, Danica Patrick is 39th - one lap down.

Lap 37: Danica tells her team "I pulled 2nd (gear) and I didn't see any red (lights on the dashboard)." Spotter Chip Ross tells her to pull her belts up and get ready to restart.

Lap 36: Although she beat a few drivers off pit road, spotter Chip Ross tells Danica to start at the tail end - She was caught speeding on exit.

Lap 36: Four tires and fuel for Danica during her stop.

Lap 34: Danica radios in to her crew - "I'm loose when I get off the brake and if I roll off the speed I'm also loose."

Lap 33: Caution for debris in Turn 3. Danica is 40th, one lap down.

Lap 29: Danica is going to start using the low line again.

Lap 26: Danica radio chatter - "I was really loose when (a competitor) was on the outside of me."

Lap 24: Danica is experiencing radio problems with her team.

Lap 23: Danica on the radio - "Feels real loose up on the top."

Lap 22: Danica on the radio - "I'm practicing running higher."

Lap 21: Spoke too soon - TV replays showed Danica slid up coming off Turn 2 and got right in front of Kyle Busch earlier.

Lap 20: Kyle Busch and other leaders are now getting past Danica - she's trying to stay out of the way.

Lap 18: Race leader Joey Logano passes Danica and puts her one lap down.

Lap 12: Danica passes Danny Efland for 40th place.

Jorge Mondaca: Drivers and other key personnel in the garage said this would be a tough race for Danica - and so far that's proving true.

Lap 9: Danica is currently running between six and nine mph behind the leaders.

Lap 8: The only two cars that are behind Danica are start and park cars - their days are done. Danica is last car on the track.

Lap 6: Up front, there's a good battle between Joe Gibbs Racing teammates Joey Logano and Kyle Busch for the lead.

Lap 3: Danica moves up a spot to 41st.

Lap 2: No problems so far throughout the field. Danica dropped to the rear of the field - 42nd.

Green flag!

The parade laps are almost complete, and it's time to go racing.

5:39 p.m. ET - Command is given, we are minutes away from going green here in Fontana, Calif.

Patrick will start 36th in today's 300 mile race.