Dale Coyne Racing 's entries both penalized for infractions at Mid-Ohio race

Both of Dale Coyne Racing's teams were penalized by IndyCar on Tuesday.

Rookie driver Rodolfo Gonzalez was fined $500 for raising his visor during a refueling pit stop at Sunday's race at Mid-Ohio. Series officials said that violated the rule on personal safety equipment.

Tristan Vautier's team also was docked $500 because of a loose wheel nut — a violation of the rule on unattended equipment.

Chevrolet lost 80 points for engines that did not reach their 2,500-mile life cycle. Three of the cars at Mid-Ohio came up short, and one car at Iowa didn't make it.

The engine manufacturer got 10 points back, though, because one car at Mid-Ohio did attain its expected mileage.

Chevy still leads Honda by 280 points.

All penalties can be appealed.