Jason Heyward is in for more than just a change of uniforms in 2016.

Chicago Cubs general manager Jed Hoyer reveals that the Cubs are planning to get plenty of mileage out of Heyward in center field this season.

"The way things are set up, Jason's going to play a lot of center field," Hoyer said in an interview on 670 The Score, per CBS Chicago. "We have no doubt that he'll be good out there."

While Heyward is often hailed as one of the best defensive outfielders in MLB, the three-time Gold Glove award winner has predominantly played right field throughout the duration of his six-year career.

In the 781 career starts Heyward has made in the field, 751 have come in right field, while the other 30 were in center.

After exclusively playing right field in 2014 in his final season with the Atlanta Braves, Heyward played a total of 51 innings in center field over the course of 10 games with the St. Louis Cardinals last season, which accounted for 4.02 percent of the innings he spent in the field in 2015.

In total, the 26-year-old outfielder has played 3.33 percent of his innings in center field.

Nonetheless, Heyward has shown comfort at the position, and is capable of adapting to the position.

After signing a lucrative eight-year, $184-million deal with the Cubs out free agency this offseason, Heyward has already displayed his dedication to his new club by showing up early for spring training.

"I love the fact that he came in early," Hoyer said. "I think he wants to make a great impression. I think we'll probably emphasize to him to just go out and do what you've always done, and that's fantastic. I think sometimes guys put a lot of pressure on themselves when they sign a big contract, so it doesn't really surprise me that a guy with his motivation would come in early. It's great."